About Us

Who are Sydney Kannadigas

  • Sydney Kannada Sangha Inc. (also known as Kannada Sangha and SKS) is a not for profit association of Kannada speaking community in Sydney for 38 years. Kannada is an Indian language, spoken in the southern Indian state of Karnataka and elsewhere. In 1980s there were only few Kannada speaking families in and around Sydney. Few Kannada speaking families used to meet to have a get together over a dinner party every couple of months. Now the population of Kannada speaking is growing every year. Since 1982 Sydney Kannada Sangha started organising the meet and greet,picnic's and formal Kannada cultural functions,Thus Kannada Sangha was born. In 2002 the group of Kannada speaking people decided to formally register as an organisation (Sydney Kannada Sangha) to organise cultural activities for the benefit of Sydney Kannadigas. Sydney Kannada Sangha over 3 decades has organised several cultural programs, performances of variety of artist in the field of music, dance, comedy, literature and entertainment. These programs have given Sydney Kannadigas an opportunity to see performances of number of well known artists from Karnataka in the field of Kannada and Culture.Support local community activities.
  • SKS mission is to
  • Promote the rich culture of the Karnataka State, India through cultural programs by the local artists from the community and overseas artists from Karnataka State, India.
  •  Actively bridge with the land we left behind and create awareness of our rich culture to our younger generation and community at large in Australia.
  •  Raise funds to charities in Australia and overseas.
  • Provide a platform to encourage the NSW Kannadigas to participate and display talents in Kannada culture.
  • Support and preserve the Kannada culture, language and arts of Karnataka state.

  • Kannada Sangha has honoured the famous Kannada writers, singers, artists and local community members in recognition of their community work and achievements. Sydney Kannada Sangha is a very active Indian organisation and is the proud member of United Indian Associations.